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Dash Reporting Services is proud to announce its acquisition of AB Captioning & CART Inc., Canada’s largest Remote CART Captioning Company.

AB Captioning & CART Inc.’s live remote English and French steno captioners provide high-quality live realtime text across North America and worldwide.  They provide realtime streaming text in over 90+ languages from the base live English steno captioner’s text.


Their live captions can be embedded into Zoom, YouTube, Webex, websites, and other platforms. They also provide simultaneous language interpretation/translation and sign language interpretation (ASL & LSQ).

"AB Captioning & CART shares a vision with Dash to provide the highest quality service and product to our consumers", said Lindsey Byrt.  Michelle Michaud adds, “AB Captioning & CART has become a staple for more than just the hard of hearing community.  Their services are far reaching, and we are excited to carry on providing the same quality service to as many people as we can. We are proud to be able to keep AB Captioning & CART based locally in Western Canada.”

With this acquisition, the companies plan to continue their shared commitment to promote, strengthen, and advance the profession of CART captioning and court reporting across North America and worldwide. With complementary goals, these two market-leading providers of CART captioning and court reporting services will work together to elevate the consumer experience.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is a word-for-word speech-to-text translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds facilitated through a CART captioner trained in writing steno shorthand and conveying a speaker’s message complete with environmental cues. Unlike computerized notetaking, speed typing, abbreviation systems, voice writing or other interpretation services, CART captioning empowers consumers to decide for themselves what information is important to them.


About Dash Reporting Services:


Dash Reporting was founded by Lindsey Byrt and Michelle Michaud in 2012.  What started as a reporting firm of just two reporters has now become a court reporting firm with a team of experienced court reporters based in both Alberta and British Columbia. Dash remains committed to providing their friendly and professional service and the same accurate and efficient delivery for all of their clients’ court reporting needs. 


To learn more about AB Captioning & CART, visit


We want to wish Sandra German all the best in her well-deserved retirement.

(Pour l'annonce en Francais)

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